Lauren Oswald

Photo of Lauren Oswald. 

Photo of Lauren Oswald. 

Candidate for Director of Student Involvement

What is your platform?

“My platform is back to the basics. The most important part of student involvement at Kent State is the students. Like school administrators and student organizations, I have a goal of getting as many students involved on campus as possible. I have experienced the personal benefits, and I want many others to experience them, too.”

Why should people vote for you?

“I am very passionate and driven when it comes to student involvement. When making decisions, I aim for quality over quantity. The positive decisions and changes I would like to make, affect many people. Because of this, I want everyone to have the opportunity to provide input. If people vote for me, they are getting someone who is very open-minded and wants to hear their opinions and ideas. When we work together as a group, and act as a unified whole, we can identify and implement the best solutions.”

What changes are you looking to enact?

“Kent State has over 400 student organizations, which is amazing, but this can make it hard to communicate to everyone. To help in this regard, I propose creating social media and web sites specifically for student organizations. This will give interested students one common set of online resources to find information about all of our campus activities and how to get involved. Another change I would like to enact includes hosting an informal roundtable each semester with representatives from student organizations. These roundtables will focus on learning about the problems and successes of each organization, why students decide not to get involved and what we can do to drive more participation.”