Women’s Center to recognize notable female students

Faith Riggs

10 women will be honored March 21 during the Women Center’s 4th annual SAGE Project Luncheon.

“The whole point of the SAGE Project is to have a variety of stories that different women can relate to and resonate with, and we want different types of stories,” said Alicia Robinson, assistant director of the Women’s Center.

Seeking to utilize the SAGE Project, the Women’s Center aims to highlight students who have found balance, growth or renewal through their collegiate path and inspire this in others.

The project name stems from the Native American meaning of sage. Typically used and burned for healing, positivity, cleansing and balance, this practice metaphorically represents the stories of those nominated.

“When you think about leadership in women, some of the key components is teaching confidence building and also featuring female success,” Robinson said. When seeing women leaders and seeing women overcome adversity, it’s proven to empower other women to do the same.”

The event takes place on March 21 at 11 a.m. in the Student Center Ballroom.

Faith Riggs is the Women and Gender issues reporter. Contact her at [email protected].