Preserve your energy



Pilot Synopsis: “Preserve your energy” encourages readers to save their energy for the circumstances and people that deserve them most. To stop giving energy to detrimental circumstances, people, and thoughts-because it will ultimately drain them mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. 


Assata Imani: Thank you for tuning in with me, Assata Imani for another episode of Truth. Today we will reveal the power of preserving your energy. As you may know: not every person, circumstance, or thought deserves your energy, time or attention. You will discover new ways to save your energy for only what is worthy — in friendships, relationships, workplace, school, etc. You must stop giving so much energy to destructive circumstances and people. What you give energy to you give power to. So why not preserve and redirect your energy for positive areas of your life. Obtaining this skill will benefit you mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. 

Assata Imani: I am beyond guilty of allowing my circumstances to deplete me. I am beyond guilty of letting other people’s actions and words consume my mind and heart, which hurts immensely. I am also beyond guilty of giving all of my energy to the wrong causes, leaving nothing for myself or any form of productivity. It feels good to say that those days are beyond over, after years of practice and learning the essentiality of compartmentalization and preservation. I preserve my energy every day of my life. Now I would like to help you relinquish some anxiety, stress, and tension as well.

Are you guilty of immediately responding out of anger? Hurt? Fear? Rage? Yes, me too and it cost me an abundance of energy along with more bs. The moment you respond to your outside circumstance without consulting internally, you play yourself. Reacting out of irrational emotion does not drain or hurt anyone but yourself. Every action does not deserve a reaction. Moving forward I want you to realize that you are capable of not reacting at all, or at least not reacting in the unnecessarily draining way you want to. This may sound passive or weak, but in all honesty choosing to preserve your energy is one of the most powerful, strongest choices you can make daily. 

Assata Imani: You can react with grace to every situation, which will require less energy, dialogue, and drama. Here’s how:

Become aware of your triggers, those unideal things that happen, those disrespectful words peoples say-all of which immediately bother you to the core. Before reacting or responding-step outside of yourself. Decide that you do not want to react with ego, choose to preserve your energy and become an observer of the scene, as opposed to the star actor. Meaning, change your perspective and point of view-you will be able to make the most rational choice, the choice that is most beneficial to your well-being and peace of mind. Which will result in you reacting with grace and leaving any situation unbothered — or at least not as bothered as you would be. You will choose to oppose reaction that will put someone who threatened your ego in place, or hurt the feelings of one who hurt you, or make you feel like some sort of power was regained or you no longer feel as sad as you once word. All of those reactions are weak, they require no thought or self-care, and that is why the average individual react so detrimentally, then wonder why they are still bothered by a conversation that took place a week, month or year ago.

When you allow your outside circumstances, or other’s actions to consume you-you are eternally draining yourself, killing you energy and mood. A negative conversation with your boyfriend or girlfriend from a 3 weeks ago should not still be on your conscious, nothing and no one should have a hold on your mind, body, and soul to that extent. Instead of worry about that conversation from 21 days ago, you could be applying for internships, writing your 2018 goals, preparing for a business proposal, or your next board meetings-redirect your energy, focus on things that really matter. This is just one example of an instance where energy preservation is necessary for the sake of your well-being. Preserving your energy may sound easier said than done. Trust me, it does take time, but it will eventually become a habit that you are happy to have obtained. I have created a “How To” that has helped me live life as unbothered by bs as possible.

How to Preserve Your Energy:

Track your Triggers. Become more aware of yourself and what bothers you. Become conscious of your triggers as the come up. Some signs that you are being triggered by a situation are typically feelings of anxiety, anger, jealousy, fear, and sadness.

Do not resist. Do not restrain from expressing what you feel. Preserving your energy does not mean reject the energy you feel, it means do your best to transform negative energy into grace. As the emotions come through, feel them. Breathe, then allow them to pass through. Allow energies to pass through you before you react. In doing so, you have felt the emotion you are feeling, released it from your heart, and will respond in a manner that will no longer respond in a manner that will deplete you. In some cases, feeling and releasing negative energy amongst yourself may be enough, an actual response may not even be worthy, but that is up to you to determine.

Accept others’ actions without taking them personally. Stop taking others’ actions to heart, 9/10 they are reacting from a position of their understanding or lack thereof. Their actions have nothing to do with you. Usually one’s actions are a reflection of one’s mindset. You are operating on a higher frequency, which means every negative action or word will no longer get the best of you.

If someone is saying something to you that you do not necessarily agree with or that is negative or intended to bother you. Hear them, understand them, and let it go. Do not allow their actions to get you down on yourself. Just because they do not choose to preserve their energy and would rather drain themselves to death with unnecessary nonsense, does not mean that you have to intake what they are giving off. Accept and preserve your energy, preserve your peace of mind, look out for your well-being and wish them the best.

Compartmentalize. See yourself as an abundant, bright light, a sunshine on this dark world. Just because it rains, someone or something tests you, does not mean your sun should go down. Stay up and create a beautiful rainbow.

Little inconveniences and nuances are unworthy of your energy. Stay up and stay unbothered as much as possible. You have way more productive things to tend to, compartmentalize your energy for those moments. Any everything will no longer be able to dim light and create darkness. You choose to shine regardless.

Preserve Persistently. Preserving your energy is a great feeling, a liberating feeling-freedom. You are free from negative energy inflicted from the outside world. You are preserving peace within. The more you preserve, the more you will want to preserve in all typically “disturbing” situations, until you just naturally become unbothered. Practice creates preservation, it will become so habitual to no longer entertain annoyances, eventually you will no longer need to think about it.