Career Closet approaching one-year anniversary


Clothes hang on a rack at the Career Closet, which is located on the lower level of the Williamson House. 

Imani Fields

More than 200 students have shopped at the Career Closet since it launched last year in early March at Kent State University’s Women’s Center.

The closet was created in collaboration with the Women’s Center, LaunchNET, and Career Exploration and Development to provide students with a free resource for business attire.

“We all had the idea to start up something like Career Closet, we decided it would be best housed here in the Williamson House,” said Alicia Robinson, the assistant director of the Kent State Women’s Center.

Career Closet has received more than 3,000 articles of clothing since the opening of the closet last year.

“By the summer we couldn’t even see the floors,” Robinson said.

The closet is located in the lower level of the Williamson House, and is set up like a boutique, equipped with men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, with all size ranges.

Robinson said they tend to look for a lot of “fashion forward” pieces in the donations, such as blazers, blouses and accessories.

“We have a great selection of styles, sizes and even designers,” said Robinson. “We have seen top brands like Michael Kors, DKNY, New York & Company and more.”

Students can take home three to four pieces each time they shop. The boutique-styled room was filled with items such as jewelry, ties and suits.

Students can also donate their unwanted items to the Women’s Center to help grow the inventory of the Career Closet.

“We are always looking for more items for students to shop,” Robinson said. “We use to only take professional items, but now we have a partnership with Portage County Clothing Center where we donate any excess clothes we do not use.”

“I just think that Career Closet is amazing, and a good resource for students and I think we did a good job erasing the stigma that you can’t find good used clothes,” Robinson said.

Students can shop the Career Closet boutique between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays at the Williamson House.

Imani Fields is the jobs reporter. Contact her at [email protected].