Keegan Lax


Photo of Keegan Lax. 

Candidate for Director of Programming

What is your platform?

My goal in running for Director of Programming is not only to keep the trend of performers and artists that we’ve had in the past come to Kent, but also to talk to the student body, receive input from them. Bring in artists that pertain to their personalities, and everyone here in Kent. Just to make sure that everybody’s happy, everybody can enjoy their time here and obviously be excited about the actors and performance that we bring in.

Why should people vote for you?

People should vote for me because I’m here for the student body. I’m here to represent Kent State. I think that I have a great idea of what people would like to see brought into Kent, whether it’s the artists we bring in for concerts or whether it’s the speaker we bring in. Like I said, I want to talk to the student body and receive as much input from them as possible. I just think people should vote for me because I want to listen to them and make their experience the best time possible.

What changes are you looking to enact?

I don’t think in the past the programming board necessarily listened to enough of the student body. That is one thing I really want to change, is make sure that we are communicating enough with the student body and other public relations that we can do to improve our relationships with not only on campus, but overall make everybody here on campus experience a little bit better.