New Starbucks location to open near Business Administration Building

Moira Reed

Business students won’t have far to go to get their espressos, mochas and frappuccinos with the new Starbucks opening in the College of Business Administration.

The new Starbucks, set to open April 16, is owned by Aramark.

CORRECTION: (The sentence “The new Starbucks, set to open April 16, is undermined by Aramark,” has been changed to “The new Starbucks, set to open April 16, is owned by Aramark.”)

“Aramark and Starbucks have a solid relationship where we are able to meet all of our guests needs,” said Resident District Manager of Aramark Jeffrey Stone.

Construction is currently underway, and the project is fully enclosed. If materials are shipped on time the new Starbucks will be ready to open on the expected date, Stone said.

The decision to add another Starbucks to Kent’s campus was a result of a two-year proposal plan. The plan included a final presentation consisting of two fully licensed Starbucks locations on campus. The proposal was presented in front of an audience, including the Aramark team, and Shay Little, vice president of student affairs.

“The university really did not consider another dining option by the Business Administration Building, Starbucks was always our next stop on the proposal list,” Stone said.

The Starbucks will be 2100 sq. ft., with a complete area glass front and spacious lounge seating for students that gives the Business Administration building a “modern look” according to Stone and Marketing Manager Leah Spiker.

As for the price of the new Starbucks, Aramark said they are not disclosing any cost amount to students or the Kent community.

Along with the Starbucks located in the University Library, the new location at the College of Business Administration makes it the second one added to Kent Campus within the last two months.

The non-licensed Starbucks, located in Olson Hall, will close in April when the new location opens on the Esplanade.

The new location will serve as a fully staffed team, including two supervisors and six or seven part-time baristas.

Michael Altomare, shift supervisor of Starbucks on E. Main St. and junior economics major said he’s already been approached by a local talent recruiter on LinkedIn about transferring to one of the new locations.

“(They) proposed higher wages if I were to make the switch to a different store,” he said.

The area around the Esplanade and Business Administration building has minimal dining choices for students. Therefore, adding a Starbucks can help meet the needs of all students, faculty and staff. The coffee shop’s menu provides choices that cover all meal periods throughout the day.

The Aramark team said this new location will extend a convenience for students in between classes around the business building as well as the Esplanade area.

Stone said this area on Kent’s campus is expected to gain more traffic over the next few years, as the university continues to grow and expand its enrollment.

“We expect an increase in revenue due to this new retail locations and believe students will value and utilize this location greatly,” Stone said.

Although Altomare does not plan on transferring, he will find himself visiting the new Starbucks often.

“I am a full time business student so I am always in the building,” Altomare said. “I no longer will have to venture out to the student enter to grab something to eat.”

Moira Reed is the construction reporter. Contact her at [email protected].