KSU Independent Films announces new shorts

Conor Battles

A trio of short films are the next projects slated to be produced by KSU Independent Films this semester.

The student-run film production organization began hiring cast and crew for the three shorts last week.

The first project in production, a relationship drama called “Every Day of the Week,” is written and directed by Cameron Croston, a senior digital media production major.

“It’s this human story about a couple that doesn’t work out and how they’re dealing with it,” producer Zoe Logston, a senior digital media production major, said.

Projects set for production later in the semester include a drama about body image issues titles “Made Up” and a period film titled “Home for Christmas,” set during World War II.

For KSUIF’s producers, the shift from feature filmmaking to short films with smaller scopes is a refreshing change of pace.

“It’s an interesting dynamic of taking a normal film crew … and narrowing it down to a skeleton crew of essential people,” Logston said. “Our script is only ten pages, so each department is only one person.”

Shane Witt, the producer of “Home for Christmas,” is a first-time producer for the film, and said he finds adjusting to his new role challenging but enjoyable.

“Jumping to a producer position, I’ve taken on a lot more responsibility,” Witt said. “It is quite the shift in what I am responsible for. Going from waiting for orders to getting logistics together myself is a difficult transition, but once you’re there, you do what you have to do.”

The producer is the first position chosen after a script is greenlit at KSUIF. They work with the writer and director to narrow the story down, interview crew members and plan the shooting process for the film.

Once production wraps, they are responsible for overseeing all last-minute changes in the editing room and ensuring the film is released and entered into student film contests.

“As a producer, you’re kind of there to build the production from the ground up,” Nate Turner the producer of “Made Up” said.

Zach Wyers, a senior digital media production major, is the executive producer for all three films. He said he finds managing three separate projects at the same time to be a rewarding task, even if the logistics often prove difficult.

“Being the executive producer, I make sure these guys are getting what they need,” Wyers said. “I fill in positions or help them out whenever someone calls off, or if there’s a big day on set and they need extra help. I’m always there to make sure that everything runs smoothly and everything gets done on time and safely.”

KSUIF’s latest release, the feature-length film “Fly By Night,” is currently in post production and is slated to premiere in April.

“You as a producer get experience in every department because you oversee every department,” Logston said. “It really makes you a solid, well-rounded filmmaker.”

Conor Battles is the CCI and libraries reporter. Contact him at [email protected].