Young Americans for Liberty to host Austin Petersen in March


Austin Petersen

Addie Gall

Student organization Young Americans for Liberty will be hosting Austin Petersen, a formal presidential libertarian party candidate, March 21 in the Kiva.

“I want to invite him to hopefully influence some of my members that are coming up in the liberty movement and doing activism,” Kevin Cline, a senior communication studies major and president of the Young Americans for Liberty, said.

Austin Petersen is currently running for the Republican party nomination in Missouri for U.S. Senate. Cline said that learning about Peterson inspired him to educate others.

“I had the lightbulb moment where I said ‘Oh my gosh’ I believe in freedom, this is my philosophy,” Cline said.

Cline said he hopes that Petersen will influence and educate students in a positive way.

“The most rewarding thing that I do as an activist in an educational role is helping people find their philosophy,” Cline said.

Addie Gall is the student politics reporter. Contact her at [email protected]