The Standing Rock International Shorts Festival celebrates 15th year

Jarett Theberge

A local art gallery will continue to bring an international perspective on short films Saturday, Feb. 3 at the Kent Stage.

The Standing Rock International Shorts Festival will mark its 15th year showing artistic visual expression through short films.

Jeff Ingram, the executive director of Standing Rock Cultural Arts Center and producer of the festival since its conception, said the idea to start hosting a show for shorts came from filling an empty market.

“We like that format of short films and it was a niche that wasn’t filled by a lot of other festivals,” Ingram said. “I appreciate longer works but even the longest works are 90 minutes and its to encapsulate a lot of message into that enough time, but if you can do it in under 15 minutes well then I think you got a little masterpiece.”

Since the inaugural festival in 2004, Ingram has seen the platform of short film change as technological advancements have improved over the years.

The films of earlier festivals were commonly shot on 15-millimeter film and shown using the respective projector, but the digital age has made viewing and sharing films easier.

“Technology has grown and people that normally wouldn’t have access to film now have access to digital cameras and their phones now. It is a lot more accessible to a lot more people than when we first started,” he said.

It will feature work of artists from around the world, including countries like Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Canada and France.

In addition to the appearance of international work, the festival will show shorts produced by local artists from Akron, Cleveland and Hiram.

General admission is $10 and $5 for students and seniors. Tickets can be purchased at The Kent Stage or online at

Jarett Theberge is a visual arts reporter. Contact him at [email protected].