Modista fashion show to debut designs with Caribbean flair

Ella Abbott

Kent State’s Modista Fashion Group and the Student Organization of Caribbean Alliance are teaming up to bring Caribbean carnival fashion to this year’s Modista fashion show.

“The idea for the fashion show came when I was brainstorming with the (editorial) board members about what type of events that we could bring to Kent State,” said Kareem Rogers, a senior aeronautics and engineering student and the president of SOCA.

SOCA began in spring of this year and is the first Caribbean student organization on campus to connect students who share a Caribbean background or interest in the culture.

“Everybody sees (Caribbean) carnival on TV, on social media,” Rogers said. “It only made sense to reach out to a fashion org like Modista to partner up with.”

Modista hosts a fashion show at the end of each year to show off designs made by members of the organization. This year, it will take place Saturday, Dec. 9 at 7 p.m. in the Student Center.

India Pineiro, a junior fashion merchandising major, is designing outfits for the show. This is the second Modista show she has been involved in.

“Being a part of Modista and being able to go their conferences that they have … was probably the best thing I’ve ever done,” Pineiro said. “I’ve done previous fashion shows before, but being a part of Modista’s was probably the most fun one I’ve done.”

Pineiro said the group has allowed her to experiment more with expressing her creativity by using a fun theme.

“I’m Puerto Rican, and my family is from Puerto Rico,” she said. “So, something like the Caribbean vibe … is gonna mean more to me.”

Bobbi Broome, a junior psychology major, has been modeling in Modista’s shows for three years and said this year’s stage direction is giving models the chance to have some fun.

“They told us not to walk straight-faced,” Broome said. “They said to put some personality into your walks. Make sure that people know that you’re happy and you’re enjoying yourself.”

Rogers said he hopes the show goes beyond a large turnout, instead creating a culture shock on campus with the designs.

“I am part of the planning committee. … I can’t wait for the show,” Rogers said.

Ella Abbott is the fashion reporter. Contact her at [email protected].