Halloween arrests fall after police prevention efforts

Police talk with partygoers downtown on S. Water Street during Kent Halloween Oct. 28, 2017. 

Madison MacArthur

Kent City and University Police saw less arrests during this year’s Halloween celebration compared to previous years.

“Kent Halloween” is celebrated annually on the Saturday closest to Halloween.

There were only 23 arrests on Saturday night compared to 38 arrests in 2016 and 45 arrests in 2015, said Lieutenant Mike Lewis of Kent City Police.

This drop in arrests is due to Kent City Police and Kent State University working together to raise awareness about Halloween festivities, Lewis said.

“There has been a transition over the years from preparation or reaction to prevention,” Lewis said. “I believe that is the reason for our success.”

Of the arrests, 14 were for alcohol prohibitions, which includes underage possession, consumption or being under the influence in a public place. No juvenile arrests were made during this Halloween’s celebration, Lewis said.

Another six arrests were for disorderly conduct by intoxication, along with three other arrests for obstructing official business.

“There was not one visible fraternity party on E. Main Street or University Drive,” Lewis said. “By removing those house parties, closing off the parking lots and keeping people moving, there was nowhere to go for people who had bad intentions.”

In total, there were 49 calls placed Saturday night, but no injuries occurred during the responses. Fire and EMS received a total of 10 calls for the night.

Kent City Police teamed up with numerous departments including Aurora, University Police, Brimfield, Stow and Metro SWAT.

University Police issued 11 total summons or citations, said Tricia Knoles, the community resource officer for the department.

Of those, eight had to do with alcohol, two for marijuana and the other for disorderly conduct.

“I think what contributed to a successful Halloween was just the collaboration of everybody and the students, fraternities, sororities,” Knoles said.

Knoles believes the united efforts of Undergraduate Student Government (USG), Office of Student Conduct, Mayor Jerry Fiala among other Kent officials and both Kent City and Kent State University Police are to be credited for the successful evening.

“They all went around the neighborhoods canvassing and talking to people,” Knoles said. “Along with several Halloween alcohol presentations put on by myself, Lt. Lewis and other officers that were requested to talk about Halloween and alcohol awareness.”

Knoles and Lewis thank Kent State students as they were a major factor in the drop of arrests.

“The Kent State students, especially fraternities, influence how things will go on Halloween, Fake Patty’s Day, Homecoming and spring parties,” Lewis said.  “They did the right thing on Saturday, and we appreciate their help in keeping order.”

Madison MacArthur is the safety reporter. Contact her at [email protected].