USG meeting discusses student involvement, upcoming projects

Carlyle Addy

Kent State’s Undergraduate Student Government met for the second time this semester on Wednesday, Sept. 13. 

Here’s what USG covered in the meeting:

  • Nate Glowacki, a senior theatre studies major, was also sworn in as senator for the College of the Arts.

  • FlashFleet, the bike-sharing program on campus, is nearing the end of a three-year contract with the school. Administrator Chris John told USG members that a decision should be reached by May on whether to renew the contract.

  • A senator is needed for the College of Aeronautics and Engineering.

  • Floor tickets are sold out for the Lil Uzi Vert concert on Oct. 8. Representatives spoke about this, and stressed that tickets are still available.

  • Representatives discussed applications for Propel Ohio, a leadership program promoting civic engagement among college students that, this year, will focus on childhood poverty.

  • USG President Daniel Oswald encouraged representatives to show up for football games and tailgates.

  • A resolution to support Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week was read. This includes spreading awareness on food pantries and other resources for food-insecure students on campus, including the Women’s Center.

  • Representatives read a resolution to establish a student ambassador program, meant to increase lines of communication between student groups and USG representatives.

  • A bill was introduced to add a legislation page to USG’s website, establish media channels and make meetings public.

  • A bill was introduced to recognize undergraduate students who have served, or are currently serving, in the armed forces.

  • A bill was discussed on implementing senatorial committees, who would help USG representatives with legislation and projects related to student government.

Carlyle Addy is the politics reporter. Contact her at [email protected]