Opinion: Offshore wind turbines are the future of renewable energy


Kyle Fitch

Kyle Fitch

When it comes to renewable resources, we need to be looking at every option available.

Given the current technology accessible, wind turbines are one of the best forms of renewable energy, and these enormous towers might be the future of energy as we know it.

The new turbines being built in the waters of Scotland are nothing less than extraordinary, as the creative spin on the wind turbine can and will power up to 20,000 homes. This technology will help offer better conditions to farm wind energy using open-sea conditions.

This is an excellent use of resources, because we will be receving a greater amount of wind to produce larger amounts of energy. So, the cost of keeping these large wind towers up will drop steadily.

As with most new ideas in the scientific field, we must think of the issues in two phases: first, the implementation, and second, the maintenance phase. Putting these turbines to use will be difficult because it seems like we already popularized wind turbine technology. But, people don’t see this is a huge step in the right direction for energy.

As a result, the second step of maintenance will be making sure we continue innovating.

The price of offshore wind turbines has seen a slow decline. Since 2012, the overall cost has dropped 32 percent. Predictions for the cost of floating turbines are expected to drop at a faster rate than offshore, due to the varying amounts of energy being put out.

Expenses also come from putting the turbine in place. When moving a roughly 12,000-ton tower with four 75-meter blades, it could get complicated. This is where floating turbines become a little more expensive to start than traditional wind turbines.

When it comes to the body of the turbine, as well as the blades, they are cutting-edge. The newly designed blades help solidify the turbine in the open ocean and lessen effects of waves.

The innovation of using the frantic weather of the sea, coupled with one of the best renewable resources on land, will have positive long-term effects environmentally with more economical outputs down the line.

If we can successfully implement this new breed of wind turbines on the shores of major wind currents, the gained energy will be unmatched. This also will support renewable energy for the purpose of giving it a new, solid foundation to be built from. I believe we can get on track to doing away with older conventional energy methods, and I can say our generation will be the one to solve our energy crisis. 

Kyle Fitch is a columnist, contact him at [email protected].