Tuscarawas anticipates less traffic with new roadway plans

Devon Parker

The Kent State Tuscarawas campus is planning the building process for its new entry roadway into campus to alleviate ongoing traffic issues.

Bradley Bielski, the Tuscarawas dean and chief administrative officer, said the projected cost of the entry roadway is an estimated $3.1 million. Construction is due to start late during the Spring 2018 semester.

Bielski said the current entrance to campus is on a two-way road, which does not allow for complete traffic flow.

“We want to improve the traffic flow for students,” Bielski said. “We want to free up the traffic from Tuscarawas students and Buckeye (High School) students who are just down the road from us.”

Jasmine Ellis, a freshman business management technology major, said she is concerned the new entry roadway will bring uncertainty to new and current students.

“With anything new being built, there’s always going to be that confusion of where do I go,” Ellis said.

Seth Crilley, a sophomore communication studies major, has a positive outlook on the new roadway.

“It’s going to be a lot more convenient for the campus and the students of both Tuscarawas and Buckeye,” Crilley said.

Crilley said he feels thrilled about how the new entry roadway will look.

“The new entryway is going to have signs and is going to look a lot nicer. It’s most likely going to be aesthetically pleasing,” he said.

Cherie Bronkar, the Tuscarawas library director, said this new entry roadway will have a positive impact on prospective students.

“We really need something that when you pull in you know you’re coming into Kent State,” Bronkar said. “We need something that our prospective students will be able to envision themselves walking through.”

Bielski said he wants to improve the overall student experience at Tuscarawas. His main focus is making Tuscarawas a place where students enjoy learning and where visitors feel welcome.

“We are really hoping to improve the entire student experience on campus,” Bielski said. “If you know exactly where to go and have Kent State University in bold, then it it is more of an inviting and pleasant place to visit.”

The Spring 2019 semester marks the completion time for the new entry roadway, just in time for the 50th anniversary of the Tuscarawas campus.

Devon Parker is the north regional campuses and graduate education reporter. Contact him at [email protected].