Opinion: An Open Letter to Republicans

Alex Kamczyc

Alex Kamczyc

Republicans! Conservatives! People in college who only based their political stances from what their parents told them! Heed these words!

As someone who was also raised with republican principles, I too was raised with the ideal that your success is measured by the sweat off your back, that you should have the freedom to do whatever you want and that no one can govern the individual except the individual themselves.

However, I do believe the current state of the Republican Party (or its leaders, at least) is doomed to exist in constant hypocrisy.

Those who constantly deny LGBTQ peoples to live their lives free of scrutiny from those who believe the Bible is the law of the land.

If every man or woman has the right to live their lives free from the governance of those in charge, why can’t we extend the same courtesy to them?

Why can’t transgender people go into the bathrooms of the sex they identify as?

The excuse that you’re just trying to protect women and children is a falsehood; In fact, more crimes are committed by people who aren’t transgendered than those who are (there are zero reported acts committed by those who identify as transgender).

Why do your top commentators on news outlets, such as Tucker Carlson on Fox News, continually defend Russia? A nation that has committed countless human rights violations to not only the LGBTQ community but also journalists, civilians and those who try to fight for basic human rights?

Carlson has been on camera defending Russia and Putin, even getting angry when his guest calls him out on it.

Why do you applaud people in Alabama who choose to oppress couples that wish to get married under the eyes of the law?

So you’re a hypocrite in two examples now; You believe that the Constitution is the most sacred document in the land, yet you willfully ignore it when it doesn’t fit your narrative, and you oppress people who simply choose to live the lives they want.

Why do you pick and choose what is right and fair?

Why constantly ignore the shifting tides, constantly fighting for an old way of thinking?

Continuing to walk this path will no doubt deepen the already staggering gap between our generations and political parties.

Yes, you hypocrite low-lives who parade themselves as leaders for the people but constantly subjugate and oppress key demographics within America, heed these words!

Signed Fearfully,

Someone who despises the hypocrisy of both parties.

Alex Kamczyc is a columnist. Contact him at [email protected].