One Love Yoga hosts Full Moon Flow at the river

Holli Phillips

One Love Yoga Studio co-owner April Huth instructed 24 participants through a Full Moon Flow with moon salutations at Riveredge Park Sunday night.

Huth, a fashion merchandising graduate of Kent State, said she was more than happy with the turnout of the class.

“I was happy to lead a good-sized group of people and that the weather was nice this time,” Huth said. “At our last one, it was raining, and everyone’s mats were getting wet, so I am grateful for the beautiful weather this evening.”

Huth researched the full moon of this month and found the moon is opposite of the sun in July, highlighting the opposing forces in our lives. She explained to the class practicing moon salutations will help calm those forces.

“We need to take time to calm our energies and our bodies during this time,” Huth said. “Things get in the way for us during this time such as ego versus emotion, work versus home and more. Moon salutations help calm and reground ourselves.”

Music accompanied the class for the night, played by Joe Culley of Kent. Culley plays the Tabla drums and is the only American tabla instructor in Ohio. He influenced the class with his soft sanskrit rhythms.

“Playing these drums during this class was a challenge but very relaxing and energizing at the same time,” Culley said. “I had to feel the energy April was delivering to the class and make sure not to play too intensely that it distracted the practicers.”

Michele Marino, participant and former graduate of Kent State, said it was her first time practicing yoga outdoors and One Love Yoga did a great job hosting the class.

“This was a great class, and I could truly feel how different the energy was outside versus being indoors,” Marino said. “It truly re-grounded me to the earth, especially with the beautiful tunes played by Joe. I loved opening my eyes in the middle of my flows and seeing the sky instead of the ceiling of a building.”

Holli Phillips is the health and wellness reporter. Contact her at [email protected]