Kent State basketball court gets overhaul

The basketball court in the M.A.C. Center received its largest renovation since 2006.

Alex Cossin

Kent State’s M.A.C. Center basketball court received its largest renovation since 2006.

“It looks great,” said Rob Senderoff, men’s basketball coach.

The new court features a large Flash logo in the center of the court with two lightning bolt streaks twisting inward. The court also has “Kent State” and “Golden Flashes” written at opposing ends of the court.

“The more things that we do and continue to do for our program, the better off it’s going to be for our players and for our recruiting and for the fans that come and watch our team,” Senderoff said.

The M.A.C. Center hosts four sports on the court: basketball, gymnastics, volleyball and wrestling. The M.A.C. Center also hosts convocation and entertainment events, such as speeches and concerts.

“You get excited to be on the court and get a chance to play and work here during the summer,” Senderoff said. “I know the first game our guys will be really excited to get out there and perform in front of people on the newly designed floor.”

The court redesign is another step toward reaching the campus’ Strategic VisionNormally scheduled activities resumed on the court July 5.

Alex Cossin is a sports reporter. Contact him at [email protected]