Opinion: Why celebrating the Trump Jr.-Russian emails thing feels wrong


Matt Poe

Matt Poe

Oh, dear readers where to begin with this one? How about a very brief recap:

Everyone and their mother knows by now about the emails between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian attorney who offered to aid the Trump campaign with damaging information on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

Trump Jr., being the conniving and gullible patsy that he is because, well, he’s a Trump, responded with his own email by saying that he loved this information and would seek more of it when his father’s foul campaign needed such.

How beautifully ironic is it that the downfall of this administration may come down to some emails? Hollywood couldn’t write a better script nor could Shakespeare himself.

Anyway, I’ve come to this column with a giant ‘I told you so’ grin on my face for all the people over the last year-plus who have consistently called the Russian-Trump connections a “nothing burger,” which I’m still curious as to what such a burger would taste like.

I’ve waited a long time to write this type of column, one filled to the brim with smugness and ready to further dissect this family that is more dysfunctional than the Bluth family in Arrested Development.

I’m ready to rub it in the fat faces of anyone who voted for Trump and I wanted to say something like the following:

You people voted for an imbecile who ran a campaign on anarchy against the establishment and the norms of American politics. You voted for the con man who won you over with his tricks that many of us saw coming from a mile away. You all deserve to come up to every single person who voted against Trump and issue an apology for doing something so ill minded.

You voted for anarchy. And as of today, as of everyday that we move forward with this administration, we plunge further into that, so much so that I can’t even keep up with it anymore, and it’s partially my job to do just that.

You people deserve to bear the brunt of it all.

But I won’t say those things (you just did, loser). Because at this point, it wouldn’t do much good. Many of us have assumed these emails and more between Trump’s team and the Russians existed; it’s like figuring out the plot of a movie within the first five minutes.

Make no mistake, I am ecstatic that many are finally realizing how screwed up this administration and its cronies are. I wish you’d seen the light before Election Day.

But then I remember there are people out there who are still hurting, in many ways, and who voted for this guy in the hopes of making their lives somewhat better, even though we all knew Trump only did this for his own fragile ego and not to make this country a better place.

And by celebrating what is just another giant cluster (unprintable word) that this administration committed, it feels like I’m celebrating the downfall of our governmental institutions and the continued hurt of those people who voted for the prick.

It feels like I myself am celebrating chaos and anarchy.

Look, our government has always had problems (as all governments have), and there will always be a need for discourse on how we can make things better.

But the system of bipartisanship and cooperation feels more broken than ever, thanks to this everyday chaos that is coming out of the White House.

I mean for God’s sake how do 85 percent of Republicans still approve of the job Trump is doing? Have you no conscious or morals? Is tax reform that important to you?

I know they just shut down for good, but I hadn’t realized that Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey had relocated to the Capitol building.   

Obviously, I’m glad those emails were found. I applaud the reporting done by The New York Times to get a hold of them, even if Don Jr. went ahead and tweeted them out just before the story was about to be published — transparent my ass.

The public deserves to see through the conman’s illusions, even if he’s already made off with the loot, and we’re left wondering what comes next. I assure you that there will be more outrage, chaos and anarchy to come.

I no longer welcome it. Neither should any of us.

Matt Poe is a columnist. Contact him at [email protected]