Opinion: Friendly fire and other important dilemmas

Alex Kamczyc

There’s a simple saying shared among people in my family, (I’m sure other people use this saying as well, but whatever) when two people are working towards the same goal but they get in each other’s way, one would say to the other: “Hey, same team,” or “We’re on the same team.”

The more and more I hear about how the Democratic Party essentially tears itself apart these past few months by its own hypocrisy, the more I think about those sayings.

For example, just last week, Black Lives Matter protested Gay Pride marches that took place both in Columbus, Ohio, and Washington.

One side accusing the other of being “problematic,” while also protesting the many injustices they face in America.

They both have a reason to be up in arms with our government, except pointing those guns at each other muddles their voices.

It’s a pointless effort, like bailing out water from an ocean.

Simply put: If you can’t agree on a core principle, then you’re not getting anywhere.

The goal is to unify, to come to an agreement on what matters the most and then fight for the most important ideals: justice, equality and freedom for all.

A butcher trims the excess fat off the meat before he sells it to the public. The Democrats need to do the same because that’s where they always seem to disagree.

The little things are killing the left. Every week, someone is problematic or someone does something, then gets offended if the political right does the same thing.

Cut ties with the violence-condoning Anti-Fascist, or Antifa, movement. Stop attacking someone for having a different train of thought than yours.

A play can piss people off just like a tweet pisses you off.

People will always be problematic, no one is perfect. Pick and choose who your leaders are because some say one thing and do the other.

It’s a compromise that always needs to be made. The same way the Republicans compromised and got President Donald Trump elected to office (seeing past flaws sometimes can be helpful).

Sadly, at this point, I don’t think any of that is going to happen. The Democrats have made themselves so unlikeable and toxic that I doubt they’ll have an easy road ahead.

The good fight was fought, the good fight was lost in a sea of people who couldn’t agree on what was right, good and just.

So I sit here, trying to understand the left, as I write this:

“Same Team! Same Team!”

Alex Kamczyc is a columnist. Contact him at [email protected].