Chipotle security breach affects Kent locations

Kaylee Peterson

If you made a purchase at the Chipotle at 429 East Main St. between March 25 and April 18 or the Chipotle at 4050 Cascades Blvd. between April 3 and April 18, you may be at risk of credit card fraud.  

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. first reported the security incident on April 25. In an investigative summary report published May 26, Chipotle said hackers used malware to retrieve data from payment cards. Customer information affected included cardholder name, card number, expiration date and internal verification code, according to the report.

Senior marketing major Megan Majersky, who is a frequent Chipotle customer, said her bank notified her about the security breach and issued her a new card.

“My bank confirmed it was Chipotle,” Majersky said. “Luckily, no money was taken out.”   

Chris Arnold, Chipotle’s public relations director, declined a request to interview about the security breach, but referred to a press release given on May 26.

In the release, Chipotle apologized for the inconvenience and stated their regret for the incident. Chipotle also advised their customers to “remain vigilant to the possibility of fraud.” Customers can check if they ate at an affected location by going to Chipotle’s website.

Majersky says she’ll still eat at Chipotle, but only if she’s paying in cash.

“I’m just disappointed because they’re my favorite,” Majerksy said.

Kaylee Peterson is the downtown reporter, contact her at [email protected].