Opinion: Wrapping up Women’s History Month

Jeffrey King

Throughout the month of March, the White House celebrated Women’s History Month. The celebration ranged from first lady Melania Trump hosting luncheons to second lady Karen Pence meeting with service women of the armed forces.

The White House has created a large focus on all the achievements and progress women have made throughout our times. However, there has been a large bias throughout the mainstream media toward President Trump and the women that serve in the White House.

We are going to look at some of these women and talk about all that they have achieved, and continue to do, for us.

To begin, let’s focus on the first lady and the criticism that she has taken throughout her short time in the White House.

This past week, Melania Trump’s official White House photo was released. Instead of praising her for her education, accomplishments or even beauty, mainstream media had a different outlook toward her: a plan to attack and discredit her for who she is.

This is a true disgrace to all the “feminists” out there who stand for women and their accomplishments. Many scrutinized Melania Trump’s outfit, her jewelry and even her looks.

Could you imagine the outcry from the “fake news” if they would have done something like this toward former first lady Michelle Obama?

That would have been unacceptable and terrible if it were done to her. Since this is Melania Trump, it is a completely different story. Where were all the so-called feminists to stand up for her during this time?

Within the month of March, first daughter Ivanka Trump took a role in the White House as “Assistant to the President.” This was seen as such a terrible and wrong move.

This position, approved by an ethics board, shows how important and influential the first daughter is for President Trump.

To top it all off, Ivanka is taking this position without pay. However, this is also something that has “triggered” the “fake news” as being unacceptable to stand for women’s rights when she isn’t even taking pay.

Ivanka is a powerful and influential woman, and we should be relieved that she is taking such a position in the White House. You can truly tell President Trump really values the input of his daughter.

Another woman of the White House who takes a lot of heat everyday is Kellyanne Conway. Critics continue to chastise her for something she said or the way she looked when she appeared on a talk show.

If these “feminists” were out there to help women, then they wouldn’t let “fake news” bully and abuse Conway the way they have.

This is an outrage. We have to remember that Conway shattered the glass ceiling this election season by being the first female campaign manager to successfully run a campaign that won the White House. Where were all the feminists to celebrate this victory with her?

While “fake news” is complaining that the Trump administration isn’t pro-women, we have to look at all the pro-women things the administration has done and look at how many women work in the White House who are valued by the president.

The three women mentioned are just a few making a difference and are paving the road for future women, a path in which they can lead and be powerful for future generations.

I leave you with this quote from our first lady: “As leaders of our shared global economy, we must continue to work towards gender empowerment and respect for people from all backgrounds and ethnicities, remembering always that we are all ultimately members of one race, the human race. Each one of us is uniquely different.”

Jeffrey King is a member of the College Republicans, contact him at [email protected].