Best of Kent: Best Apartment Complex 2017

Kennedy Caldwell

Students select The Province as the best off-campus apartment.

The Province is located on Summit Street, which makes the complex well known for its proximity to campus and downtown.

It offers several amenities for their residents to include a swimming pool, a fitness center, a tanning bed and 24 hour emergency maintenance.

With over 596 bed spaces and 246 units available, The Province is known as one of the most popular apartment complexes for off-campus living.

Aside from their location to campus, Province’s leasing and marketing manager Penny Rossi thinks The Province is popular because of the staff’s outstanding customer service skills and consideration for resident reviews.

“We take our surveys and reviews very seriously,” Rossi said. “Listening to our residents comments is so important to us because it gives us the opportunity to improve more and more every year.”

The Province’s staff also encourages residents to get involved in their community.

“We are so close to Kent State’s campus that it is important to us that we stay connected in terms of community and closeness,” Rossi said. “We are a part of a huge neighborhood in Kent, but when it comes down to it, Province is its own little neighborhood too.”

For students like Mackenzie Husmann, a junior digital science major, finding a place that was close to campus and completely furnished was important to her.

“I initially chose to live at Province because of their location and amenities, but when I found out how eco-friendly Province was I was sold,” Husmann said. “I appreciate their efforts of encouraging residents to recycle instead of just throwing their recyclables in the trash.”

The Province also won The Best Apartment of Kent in 2015 and has been in the top three for several years.

345 Flats was voted as the second best apartment complex in Kent.

345 Flats is located on Depeyster Street and is within walking distance from downtown Kent.

This five-story apartment building is new to Kent’s off-campus living atmosphere and was built in 2016.

Leasing manager Lexie Baughman said that 345 Flats is unique because of their newness to the Kent community.

“What sets us apart from all the other complexes is being the newest one near Kent’s campus,” Baughman said. “The residents living here now are the first people to ever live here, so I think it is a unique asset to have as an apartment complex.”

Eagle’s Landing was voted the third best apartment in Kent and is located directly across from Kent State’s campus.

Property manager Christopher Miller, said that their prices, room sizes and 24-hour maintenance staff are just some of the assets Eagle’s Landing provides.

“Something we take great pride in is making sure our residents are taken care of first,” Miller said. “I believe our staff is always on the ball when it comes to helping residents with any of their needs no matter what time of day it is.”

At Eagle’s Landing, all bedrooms are the same size, which makes it easy for residents to evenly split the rent.

“Something really great about only having two bedrooms per apartment is that every resident has the same amount of space,” Miller said. “I think our room equality is what makes us different from every other apartment.”