Kent State Stark to host ninth annual Earth Day event

Kennedy Caldwell

Kent State Stark aims to become Stark County’s “Earth Day Central” by promoting environmental awareness at the ninth annual Earth Day celebration on April 23.

Associate professor Robert Hamilton said Kent State Stark should have no problem maintaining this title because as a public institution, Kent State works to care for the Earth’s wellness everyday.

“We view wellness holistically including individual, family, community and planet-wide health,” Hamilton said. “Maintaining Earth’s wellness helps maintain everyone’s wellness.”

The events and activities are designed to inspire awareness of environmental responsibility while inspiring appreciation for Earth’s natural resources.

“We hope attendees leave the event feeling inspired to make small changes in their daily lives that make a big difference in the bigger picture,” said Kelly Simonis, special events coordinator at Kent State Stark.

Some activities include making crafts out of recycled and repurposed materials, interactive demonstrations that teach energy saving techniques, a guided nature walk , a recycling magic show and a tree planting ceremony.

Singer Foster Brown is performing children songs about nature, and entomologist Jim Smolka is hosting a bug show.

The event is free and will be in the pond and wetlands area of the Stark campus from 1-4p.m.

Members of the local community are also encouraged to attend.