Best of Kent dining hall winners

Linda Stocum

Among 13 unique dining options on campus, students selected three of their favorite places to eat on campus.

According to students, the number one place to eat on campus is the Fork in the Road with 21.9 percent of the votes.

The most notable food options at this traveling truck are the Summit Street Burger, Chef Christian’s creation, and Chef Joel’s homemade ketchup.

With more than just burgers and fries on the go, Fork in the Road offers a pit stop for students to grab food right outside their class buildings in between busy schedules.

“I like that the food is hot and fresh,” Anna Mika, a junior anthropology major said. “The mac and cheese they have never failed to make my day a 1000 times better.”

The Fork in the Road travels between different locations on campus, so no matter where a student’s classes are on campus, they are able to catch the truck at least once.

“Last semester I had a class in the math building and then walked all the way to Lowery hall,” Mika said. “I would see the truck along the way most days.”

Quaker Steak and Lube received 15.1 percent of student votes and was selected as the second best location to dine on campus.

Quaker Steak was the Best of Kent winner last year and a long-time favorite of students on campus.

With the flair of a sit-down restaurant style of dining, the Quaker Steak is favored for more than just their well-known wings.

The menu includes salads, quesadillas and skillet cookies and gives students an opportunity to experience diverse dining options.

“Honestly, I love everything they serve here,” Summer Al-Azom, a freshman Art Education major, said. “The skillet cookie is something I have to get every time I come. I have a huge sweet tooth.”

The establishment also has events like karaoke every Friday at 8 p.m. that draws students to the establishement for a few hours.

“It’s like the perfect balance between good food and entertainment,” Al-Azom said.

The third place winner of the Best of Kent votes is the Eastway cafe with 12.9 percent of the vote.

With a cafeteria-like style of food service, this eatery has plenty of options for those who don’t know exactly what food they want to eat.

Eastway serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and features an omelet bar in the mornings, a student favorite.

“It’s nice to have a place that tastes fresh,” Eva Zemper, a sophomore English major, said.

They have a fruit and salad bar, grilled and daily options that change to give students new choices every day.

“My favorite part about Eastway is that I know I won’t get bored with eating the same things,” Zemper said. “One day there’s a taco bar, the next there is orange chicken, it’s great.”