Changes coming to downtown Ravenna

Aliah Keller

Ravenna City Council plans to make adjustments to downtown Ravenna in order to attract visitors and residents to the area.

The City Council said it hopes to add a brewery, a local movie theater and a pedestrian walkway.

Downtown Ravenna’s Advancements Attract Out-Of-Towners from on Vimeo.

Site selection consultant Don Schjeldahl suggested renovating a tire building, transforming the once abandoned building into a brewery.

“To have the best overall influence on the community and downtown… (and) to help the community, we need to have a connection to Main Street. So it’s a half a block away,” Schjeldahl said.

This walkway will provide a path from the brewery to downtown Ravenna, providing a sense of connection to the center of the city.

The movie theater, another new addition, will also be built from an abandoned building.

“We (Ravenna City Council) are trying to improve the quality of housing,” chairman Alan Balog said. “That’s the main goal in town. We are trying to expand the historic district, including Sycamore Street to Freedom Street and Highland to Riddle, so we are trying to make a large rectangular of historic dwellings.”

Balog said these additions will hopefully increase housing and living conditions, which will encourage the local residents to maintain their homes while attracting out-of-towners to move to the area.

Ravenna has yet to confirm if and when these adjustments will be implemented.

Aliah Keller is a reporter for TV2, contact her at [email protected].