Kent State Writing Commons helps students with résumés, prepares for future careers

Danielle Johnson

Properly putting together a résumé is a skill every college student will need to master before making his or her way into the workforce. But it’s not one that every student has.

Aside from helping students with their English papers, the Kent State Writing Commons, located on the fourth floor of the University Library, also offers assistance in forming résumés and cover letters.

“Students want to make sure they are presenting themselves accurately and promoting their skills and abilities fully,” said Elena Clark, a senior fashion merchandising major and Writing Commons marketing coordinator and senior tutor. “We can definitely help with strengthening your wording and targeting your message, which is a main component of a solid cover letter or résumé.”

The Writing Commons tutors are available to offer advice for students who are just starting to put together their résumés.

“I like to remind them that they should only put relevant information on the résumé,” said Jordan Headings, a junior English major and Writing Commons senior tutor.

Along with relevancy, Daniel Berger, a sophomore managerial marketing major and Writing Commons senior tutor, advises students to keep the content in their résumé recent.

“I suggest that — unless you are a freshman — the only thing on a résumé should be post-high school,” Berger said. “I also suggest listing the most recent things first, and to use action verbs when describing duties performed at jobs or leadership positions.”

In order to better prepare and help students, tutors are required to undergo training. 

“Tutors engage in a semester-long, 30000-level upper-division English credit course that teaches the basic principles of fundamentals of peer tutoring,” Berger said.

Students can either make an appointment with the Writing Commons to ensure they will be able to get help that day or try to get a walk-in session.

“Résumé help is a fairly common request,” Clark said, “especially during the spring semester when students are looking for internships and post-grad jobs.”

If the tutors at the Writing Commons cannot help students with what they need to make their résumé the best it can be, they serve as a resource to point them in the right direction of someone who can.

“We can always help with making sure that students get the resources that they need,” Berger said. “Whether it is a tutor looking over the résumé for grammar and content, finding an online resource to help develop content or sending them to career services for any additional information they may need.”

The Writing Commons provides resources that students can access at any time online, but some people may find it more beneficial to have one-on-one time with a tutor.

“Résumés are so important and it never hurts to bring it in and make sure you’re on the right track,” Headings said.

Visit the Writing Commons website for more information on hours and how to schedule an appointment. 

Danielle Johnson is the jobs reporter, contact her at [email protected].