‘Not a Fashion Show’ changes student perceptions on fashion

Paige Miller

The Diablo Conglomerate deconstructs fashion productions at “Not a Fashion Show” hosted in the Schwartz Center on Friday March 3.

“The theme of the show is ‘Not a Fashion Show’ because it’s more of a production or a behind the scenes show that just happens to show off the different takes I do on clothing,” said Keyarash Montazeri, a sophomore architecture major and the creator of Diablo.

The term Diablo means “devil” in Spanish, and Montazeri said the Diablo Conglomerate reflects the word’s Persian roots, culture and the evil eye in design.

“The evil eye is said to ward off evil spirits and contain the evil, or devil,” Montazeri said.

Montazeri said Diablo started as a hobby, which grew into a clothing line and a fashion conglomerate consisting of musicians, graphic designers and photographers.

The show featured an unconventional and unique perspective on design.

“I wanted to play on the fact fashion shows or fashion culture is so serious and snobby,” Montazeri said. “We tried staying away from that and breaking down what a fashion show actually is.”