Flash-a-thon uses mannequin challenge to promote annual event

Linda Stocum

Flash-a-thon and Franklin Advertising held a mannequin challenge Tuesday to promote the event on April 8, and students who stood still the longest won free admission to the event.

Members of Flash-a-thon held signs reading “Try to make me move, which incorporated Flash-a-thon’s social media accounts, as they attempted to stand still for an entire hour.

The signs said things like “Try to make me move” and had the social media handles for Flash-a-thon so students can learn more about the organization.

Ellie Schering, a member of Flash-a-thon and an advertising major, said the Flash-a-thon event is more than dancing or standing for 12 hours at a time.

“All year round we ask for donations, go around to fundraising events, and at the end of the year, we have a 12-hour dance marathon that all goes to support the Akron Children’s Hospital,” Schering said.

They have children who are admitted to the hospital, called Miracle Children, that they support and celebrate at the end of the year.

Flash-a-thon supports “Miracle Children” who are admitted to the hospital.

Flash-a-thon also partners with Franklin Advertising to get the message about the event to a wider audience.

Kelsey Velemirovich, a junior visual communication design major and the director of brand development for Franklin Advertising, said the organization mainly focuses on promoting pre-registration for the event.

“We are holding this event in Eastway to reach the freshman that are here and that live in Eastway as well as all the students that live on campus that are coming to the dining hall,” Velemirovich said. “We want to focus on getting as many people registered as possible.”

Samuel Doerle, an integrated life science major, said Flash-a-thon is important to him.

“I want to start giving back to the patients, it’s a great way to not only help the hospital but also the families to deal with what they are going through,” Doerle said. “It’s a great way to just relax for a day… even if you can’t raise that much money you are still bringing joy to their life.”