Students make switch to other streaming services as popular sitcoms leave Netflix

Fans of popular shows like “The Office” and “Friends” have switched to other streaming services as a result of Netflix’s removal of these shows from its site. Viewers can now stream “The Office” on Peacock and “Friends” on HBO Max, so there is a big incentive to cancel their costly Netflix subscriptions.

“With ‘Friends’ also leaving Netflix fairly soon, along with other popular content not made exclusively under Netflix’s original production house, it might or might not incentivize viewers to get NBC’s new streaming service, but it might promote them to cancel their Netflix subscriptions for good,” Cinema Blend reported in 2019.

Though many people enjoy the titles on Netflix, binge-watchers of classic sitcoms don’t feel the same way. Subscriptions to Netflix can cost up to $17.99 a month, and fans aren’t willing to dish out that kind of money for a streaming service without their favorite shows. Rather than paying the expensive Netflix subscription fees, more and more viewers are choosing to purchase Peacock for up to $9.99 a month or HBO Max for up to $14.99 a month. 

“I watch Peacock now because my favorite show, ‘The Office,’ streams there for free,” said junior public relations major Branden Townes. “I cancelled my Netflix subscription because the only thing I really used it for was the show, and I can’t watch it there anymore. I’m not willing to pay the monthly fee that continues going up to watch their cheesy romcoms and predictable original productions.”

InMyArea conducted a survey of more than 1,200 U.S. residents to see if those with Netflix subscriptions would cancel because of the removal of “Friends” and “The Office.” The findings showed that 10% of Netflix subscribers would cancel with the departure of the beloved shows.

“I think Netflix tries to appeal to a mainstream audience and thinks about the now and not the later with what they spend money on,” said sophomore physics and computer science major Garrett Hartley. “They are more willing to spend money on their original movies and shows because they know that eventually, most networks will come out with their own streaming services and take back their shows to add to their catalog. They have to worry about how to keep people subscribed to them in this moment and not about losing two shows that bring in a lot of revenue since they can create their own content.” 

Netflix may have lost subscribers after the loss of “The Office” and “Friends,” but the company still brings in almost $25 billion dollars a year, according to Statista. Though fans hated to see the departure of the two sitcoms, Netflix remains a top streaming service across the globe.

Lindsey Vlasic covers entertainment and the arts. Contact her at [email protected].