Opinion: The double standard

Jeffrey King

In 2015, U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer tweeted, “We must tighten loopholes in the Visa Waiver prgm, ensure passports can’t be faked & stop terrorists who want to exploit the system.”

I find this statement humorous, as he put on a show this past weekend: he went against the President Donald Trump’s executive orders and issued a statement in which he criticized the ban.

Mr. Schumer, if you really felt the way you did in 2015, then why do you feel so differently now?

In my opinion, if this were any other president — most likely a Democratic one — Mr. Schumer would take no issue in the decision. Since this Trump, a Republican, the feelings are much different.

Why is it that the party of “tolerance and love” is so intolerant and hateful to the president? Mr. Schumer knew this would happen; Trump campaigned hard on this promise and, to make this even better, these are the countries that the Obama administration put out as countries that have had a rise in terrorism and ISIS activity.

So, why are Democrats so afraid of this ban, when President Barack Obama put travel limits on refugees with visas coming from Iraq?

President Jimmy Carter did something similar with Iranians: he banned the entry of them into the United States. This, though, did not receive backlash. No one protested airports or paraded in front of the U.S. Supreme Court; The protesters were nowhere to be found.

Why? I have your answer: It is because Obama and Carter were Democrats, and no one felt like this was a problem. Now that we have a Republican in office, everything is — by the Democrats’ logic — different.

This is the problem with America: People support the efforts of one president because he is a Democrat, but they do not support the actions of a Republican for the soul purpose that he is a conservative.  That is ridiculous; it makes us an even more divided nation than what we already are.

Carter’s travel ban was similar: He did not allow Iranians into the country for fear of terrorism. The only difference is that Trump banned from more than one country and banned visitors for 90 days.

Obama’s delay in the refugee process made it difficult to process refugees, and many did not make it here because of that reason.

This travel ban is not a move from the alt-right. It is not unconstitutional. It is not part of the nationalist movement.

It is because Trump wants to keep us safe from the threat of global terrorism, particularly groups like ISIS. I feel that coming to the United States is a privilege and must be something that is valued, and if it appears that people are not respecting it or are going against American values, then a ban can or should be instituted.

I feel that it is an important duty that the president of the United States keeps the American people safe and protected from any crime and the constant fear or the rise of terrorism.

So, together, we must unite and make America safe again.

Jeffrey King is a member of the College Republicans, contact him at [email protected]