Hockey faces Michigan-Dearborn, looks to enter national tournament

Erik Svensson

The Kent State hockey club will face the University of Michigan-Dearborn this weekend in two away games that could very well decide their season.

“They’re the final two games of our league conference (and) there’s going be some shuffling in the standings … we’re a big part of that,” said coach Jim Underwood about the stakes the team faces for the weekend. “We still have an outside chance of getting into the national tournament.”

University of Michigan-Dearborn is currently ranked as the No.8 team in the American Collegiate Hockey Association. The Top 20 ranked teams will face off in a national championship tournament.

“When you’re playing one of the top ten teams and you’re ranked number 24, there’s a chance to move up,” said Underwood

The Flashes currently sit at sixth in GLCHL with 16 points, while Michigan-Dearborn is fourth with 21 points.