Two weeks in, the Tri-Rec sees success

Kent State students fill the new gym inside of Tri-Towers at the opening on Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017. An addition to the Recreation and Wellness Center on the other side of campus, this new facility will make working out more convenient for students.

Nicholas Hunter

The new recreational facility in Tri-Towers is still buzzing two weeks after its grand opening on Tuesday, Jan. 17. The Tri-Rec has continued steady business after over 800 patrons used the facility on its opening day.

According to statistics provided by Steven Langdon, marketing coordinator for the Department of Recreational Services, from midnight on Tuesday, Jan. 24 through 11:45 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 31, the Tri-Rec had over 3,500 students into its facilities. 

Langdon credits student visitors for spreading the word about the new 7,000 square-foot facility, and said that “word of mouth is the number one promoter.”

Mitch Lesko, a sophomore biotechnology major, is attempting to be one of those promoters.

“I was trying to get my roommate up here earlier, but he wouldn’t do it,” Lesko said. “This is probably my third time here. I’m gonna start using (the facility) more.”

Shannon Mihaly, a freshman business management major, said that many of her friends come in throughout the day. “It’s easier than going to (the main) Rec. They like to come in between classes and get some time in on the treadmill or the elliptical.”

Along with the convenience of having a closer option to get in a workout, Lesko said that the smaller crowd is a plus for him.

“The first time I came here I noticed it was a lot less intimidating than the regular Rec Center,” said fashion merchandising major Logan Sommerfeld. “It makes it easier to work out and feel comfortable.”

In comparison, the main Student Recreation and Wellness Center — which is open to faculty, staff, paying members and students — had just under 20,000 entries over the same eight-day period.

Tri-Rec worker and sophomore exercise science major Jacob Brown, said that the smaller crowd is why he chose to work at the facility.

“It’s a lot slower than the (main) Rec Center, but it’s nicer that way,” Brown said.

Langdon said that so far, they have only had one issue with the Tri-Rec: the locker system and teaching students to use it.

The Tri-Rec does not have a full locker room. Instead, it has small lockers on the wall for students to place belongings in while they work out. The issue is with the keypad locks on the lockers, for which Langdon said they are “looking for solutions.”

The problem though, is a minor one. Langdon said that Recreational Services has gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback so far about the Tri-Rec.

Nicholas Hunter is a general assignment reporter, contact him at [email protected].