Letter to the Editor: Where is our voice?

Alan Neff

May 1970 was a time that witnessed this country during a war that divided us as a people.

As citizens gathered in the nation’s capital to protest the Cambodian Incursion and the events at Kent State, units of the 2nd Marine Division stood at ready south of the Potomac River. In both ranks, north and south of the river, were men that carried the scars of combat in a war fallen from favor. South of the river, few, if any, relished taking up arms against their fellow citizens.

This force, if unleashed, may have paled all the acts in the years leading to this event.

Command realized the gravity of the folly Washington was about to repeat, and the Marines were never deployed across the river against their nation.

Today, the nation and our constitution are under attack by forces from within our government. According to the claims of these foes of liberty, the free press is now “the enemy of the American people.” These same opponents of freedom discredit our courts, attack individual judges and replace facts with lies, only to repudiate all as “fake news.”

How long before these neo-fascists turn their sights to discrediting the American people? The only voice standing against this tyranny is from the honorable U.S. Senator, John McCain.

May I be so bold as to suggest that we join forces before the river is crossed?

Alan Neff is a guest columnist, contact him at [email protected]