Newman Center reveals ‘Together We Build’ construction project


The Kent State University Parish Newman Center with its newly installed front door on Sunday, Feb. 5, 2017.

Megan Ferguson

The University Parish Newman Center on Horning Road is receiving a proper front entrance after four months of construction.

The idea of designing a new door has been discussed for years, and the church raised over $600,000 with help from the community, to be able to complete the project.

Office Manager Veronica Victoria said through the generosity of the community this was possible, and they also received a $35,000 grant from the Catholic Extension Society.

The new entrance symbolizes openness to all students and community members and shows the church is a place for anyone to come to, said Mary Lynn Delfino, pastoral associate and Catholic Student Association (CSA) advisor.

“Your faith life should be integrated with your intellectual life,” Delfino said.

The project has been named “Together We Build,” and aside from getting a new door, it includes a new roof and a remodeled kitchen and social room.

The building, built in 1962, has been under construction since last September. Father John J. Daum originally planned for these additions, but quickly ran out of money when originally constructing the church.

The new additions add an open space with a window that looks onto Kent State’s campus, which lines up with the church’s mission to serve as a strong Catholic presence to Kent State students.

New classrooms will be quiet, enclosed spaces that are wheelchair accessible.

Delfino said this will allow the church to become open to more people.

She said the Newman Center has had problems with scheduling in the past due to limited space and this new area will help people access the worship area.

The open concept will make hosting events such as funerals and weddings much easier, Delfino said. 

Depending on construction time, Delfino said the area should be finished within the next couple weeks, and they will be planning an open house between March and April.

Megan Ferguson is the religion reporter, contact her at [email protected].