Letter to the Editor: Dearest Rob Portman: You’ve failed us

Deemyi Scott

On Feb. 7, 2017, a historic and hysterically heartbreaking Senate vote gave the OK to approve another unqualified billionaire, this time to be appointed as the United States education secretary.

Betsy DeVos’ nomination was surrounded by much controversy due to her lack of experience with public schools, a terrible performance during her confirmation hearing and a host of other disqualifications.

Her appointment comes along with the horrifying potential she could limit the enforcement of Title IX, which governs sex discrimination, including sexual assault cases in schools.

A lack of implementation of Title IX would be extremely irresponsible and it could negatively affect campus culture. Or, unfortunately, could positively affect campus assault culture for rapists such as Brock Turner.

One person who didn’t vote against DeVos – even after a record amount of outcry from the people – is Ohio Republican Sen. Robert Portman. A statement — too nonsensical to mention — came from Portman after DeVos, who donated $51,000 to his campaign, was officially approved as education secretary by the Senate.

Does money take precedent over the future and safety of education, Mr. Portman?

Deemyi Scott is a graduate student, contact her at [email protected]