Experience a day-in-the-life abroad through new student blog


“Going Global” student blog shows what it’s really like to study abroad.

Eryn Gebacz

Peer ambassadors from the College of Arts and Sciences launched “Going Global,” a new blog dealing with and citing peers’ perspectives on studying abroad this semester. 

The blog portrays what it’s really like to study abroad from a student’s point of view, specifically experiences, food, reflections and personal stories.

College of Arts and Sciences sophomore peer ambassador Alexandra Storey has written for the blog before and said she thinks it’s important that students understand what the experience is really like.

“Coming in and talking to a professor, of course they’re going to sell it to you,” Storey said. “Coming in and talking to someone who is paid to tell you about it – of course they’re going to say it’s the best thing in the world – but when you hear from someone who has actually done it and the way they feel and what they did, it gives you a sound feeling.”

Students currently overseas and those who have studied abroad in the past are writing blog posts this semester.

Senior fashion merchandising major Kelsie Lichtcsien has participated in a study tour of Germany, summer academy in Paris, fall semester in Florence and spring semester in New York City and is currently writing for the blog.

She also has her own blog, which she updates with her experiences.

“I was actually writing the article for my own blog and finished it right when I got the email about this blog. I figured I would participate because I am a huge believer in studying abroad being an integral part of life and learning. I really want to help students make their ways overseas,” Lichtcsien said.

Lichtcsien writes about a variety of topics like packing lists, planning weekend trips and becoming acquainted with your home away from home.

Junior fashion merchandising major Melissa Darin studied abroad in Florence last semester and decided to blog in order to give potential study abroad students some insight on what to expect.

Darin said she wished she had something like this to read before she went overseas.

“I was completely lost and went in with not a lot of help or knowledge about this experience,” Darin said. “I had no idea what to expect, and a blog like this would’ve helped a lot.”

Storey said she is hopeful that in the future, every student who goes abroad will write a piece for it. She hopes that after reading, students will feel more confident about traveling.

“To me, studying abroad shouldn’t be a matter of yes or no. It should be a matter of which country,” Lichtcsien said.

Eryn Gebacz is the international students and issues reporter, contact her at [email protected].