Campus Safety Tips

Sarah Heber

Whether walking back from a party late at night or getting locked out of their car, students have access to a variety of safety services at Kent State.

Security aids spend more than 100 hours training before they begin their work. During training, the aids are taught crucial life-saving skills, like CPR and first aid.

While security aids patrol hallways at night, perform fire safety inspections and enforce residence hall policies, they are also in direct communication with the Kent State Police Department via two-way radio.

Security escorts can be requested to walk students back to their dorm rooms late at night. Even when intoxicated, students can still request this service without penalization. To request an escort, call 330-672-7004.

Because residence halls are always locked, each hall has a two or three security swipe system to get into bedrooms. Kent State is also updating every residence hall lock starting this year.

Don’t let anyone into a residence hall if they don’t have a key card themselves. To have access to the building, they should reach out to campus security, the resident assistant or the person they are visiting.

Parking services also offers on-campus car assistance to students at no charge. This includes jumping batteries, unlocking doors and inflating tires. To contact the parking dispatcher for any of these services, call 330-672-4444.

There are also other safety precautions students can take to help prevent hazardous situations.

To avoid theft, keep cars locked at all times and don’t leave valuables in plain sight. Store important items in the trunk or underneath seats.

Police stations and fire departments encourage students to drive home and not walk if they feel as though they are being followed. If driving there is not possible, students should call 9-1-1 or use the blue light emergency phones located throughout campus.

Although that Tinder date seems like a good idea now, meeting in person could be a different story. Students should take caution when meeting anyone online. If going on that date is a must, students should tell a friend where they are going. If plans change, keep that friend informed.

For more safety tips, Kent State compiled a list that can be found on its website.

Sarah Heber is the safety reporter, contact her at [email protected].