Speakers share interview tips for education majors


Education students interact with professional panel about job search concerns

Hannah Wagner

Deonna Reeves graduated from Kent in May 2016 with a bachelor’s in teaching English as a second language. Since then, he has struggled to find a job in his field of expertise.

“It’s very confusing, and there are a lot of things being asked of me that I just don’t have,” Reeves said. “I wish I had more tips on how to structure my resume and know what recruiters are actually looking for.”

Stressed, nervous and scared are adjectives education majors used during Education SuperStart Thursday, when career exploration and development advisor Julie Novotny asked students how they felt about applying for education jobs. 

Novotny spoke to over 150 education majors about resume and interviewing tools to help prepare them for Teacher Employment Day on Tues., April 3.

The event covered topics about possible interview questions, successful networking tips, the Teacher Employment Day schedule and ended with a five person panel to answer student’s questions. The professional panel consisted of a principal, a recruiter, an academic director, a professional standards director and a human resource specialist.

David Villareal, director of Human Resources – Professional Standards at Aldine school district in Texas, outlined possible interview questions students should prepare for, including topics of assessment, classroom environments, professional development and lesson plans.

Macey Coury, a senior special education major, said she was glad to learn more interviewing skills.

“I think just hearing what is going to be discussed in an interview was helpful,” Coury said. “We’ve talked about them in class, but no one ever said what they’re going to ask them.”

Teacher Employment Day will consist of 60 school districts interviewing for Fall 2017 education positions. Interviews are 20 minutes and students can do up to 13 different interviews. Students can only participate if they attended Education SuperStart.

Robyn Williams, a senior integrated social studies major, said she is excited for Teacher Employment Day, and the resume tips from Education SuperStart helped her feel more confident.

“I plan on walking out with a job,” Williams said. “I think during the first two rounds I’ll be nervous, but I will get stronger throughout the day.”

Devon Bills, a senior special education major, said the information from the event was a lot at once, but it helped prepare him for employment day.

“The speakers clearly know what they’re talking about,” Bills said. “It definitely helped alleviate some fear and nerves.”

Novotny encouraged students to get additional help at the Career Exploration and Development Center to help further prepare them for Teacher Employment Day.

Hannah Wagner is the education, health and human services reporter, contact her at [email protected].