Peaceful protests take over Public Square in Cleveland

Lauren Stebelton

Peaceful protests take over Public Square in Cleveland from on Vimeo.

On the heels of the inauguration of Donald J. Trump, cries rang out throughout the country, some in support of the new president, and some against. 

Some of those protestors gathered in the streets on inauguration day in the same city where the Republican National Convention was held; Cleveland, Ohio.

“Trump specifically is targeting the people who we are, as people of color, queers, as transfolks, but also as activists, and people who stand for the rights of the people and the working class,” said James, one of the organizers of the demonstration. 

“In an era where we have undivided government under the Republicans, it’s gonna have to be the people in Portage County, here in Cleveland, in Ohio, and all across the county and all across the world,” said Kent State Alumnus John Hess. “We’re gonna have to resist this agenda if we have really much hope at all.”

As the demonstrators marched away into the city to make their voices heard, right across the square, another group, a pro-life group, could not be happier that Donald Trump became president.

“He had to be liked by people. We have 50 states in the United States. He took 31 states to 19, so the people have spoken,” said one pro-life supporter.

Young and old came together for this event in Public Square, one high school student named Lucas even leading “The Pledge of Allegiance”. 

“If you have any set of beliefs or anything you’d like to state, [events] like this, it’s an amazing way to state your opinion and say what you believe and speak the truth,” said Lucas Price, a senior at Heritage Christian School in Brooklyn, Ohio. “You’re not always going to be in your own circle, but come out and make a difference.”

A new era has emerged as Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, making his own pledge to “Make America Great Again.”