Vaccination phases 1C and 2 in effect

Phase 1C eligibility. 

Alexandra Golden Reporter

On March 4, Ohio’s vaccination plan phases 1C and 2 went into effect. 

Phase 1C includes approximately 246,000 eligible Ohioans with certain medical conditions not addressed in previous phases and those with certain occupations, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

These certain medical conditions and occupations are those:

  • living with type 1 diabetes

  • who are pregnant 

  • who are bone marrow transplant recipients 

  • living with ALS

  • working in childcare services

  • working in funeral services

  • in law enforcement and corrections officers 

Phase 2 includes approximately 695,000 eligible Ohioans who are 60 or older. 

Kent is encouraging anyone who has the ability to get vaccinated to do so.

“We provide guidance as to where to seek a vaccine and encouragement for those who are eligible to get it,” said Eric Mansfield, assistant vice president of university communications and marketing.

Emails are being sent to students about vaccination, along with a new step being added to the Flashes Safe Eight to encourage vaccination. Updates regarding availability of the vaccine can be found here.

Alexandra Golden is a COVID-19 reporter. Contact her at [email protected].