Spring 2016 climate survey results to be revealed

McKenzie Jean-Philippe

A climate survey was conducted last spring and sent out to Kent State’s entire student body, faculty and staff. Now — a year later —  the results will be presented to the community.

After analyzing data provided by 8,000 members of the university, Rankin & Associates Consulting will present its findings during three open sessions next week.

Sessions detailing information taken from individuals who work and attend classes on main campus will be held on Monday.

The first will be at 3 p.m. in the Kiva and the second at 6 p.m. in the Student Center Ballroom Balcony. On Tuesday, a session covering the regional campus results will be held in the Stark Conference Center on Stark Campus at 10 a.m.

“The purpose of a climate study is to get a sense of what is it like to live, work, study at Kent State University,” said Kathryn Wilson, economics professor and climate study steering committee co-chair. “So, it’s trying to measure people’s attitudes, people’s experiences; how welcoming of a place is Kent State?”

Rankin & Associates will analyze data provided by survey participants and break down results into demographics. Wilson said statistically significant differences separated into factors like race, sexual orientation and gender will be a key component of the results.

“We want this to be a data driven process that says ‘what do we need to improve?’ based on the experience of all faculty, staff and students,” she said.

Wilson said the climate survey is part of Kent State President Beverly Warren’s strategic initiative to better the university. The results – which have only been seen by Rankin & Associates –  will provide a guide to the university of what actions to take in order to improve campus life.

If students, faculty and staff aren’t able to attend the sessions in person, a live stream will be available for all sessions at https://boxcast.tv/view/climate-study-result-presentation-651893.

Following the presentations, three survey reports will be posted online at www.kent.edu/voices.

“I would encourage particularly students – but everybody – this is your institution, and I think coming to these sessions and seeing how your fellow students see what their experience is like … it would be a worthwhile thing to do,” Wilson said.

“If there’s areas of the climate to work on then ultimately it’s going to be up to us. The people who live here, the people who work here, the people who study here.”

McKenzie Jean-Philippe is the diversity editor, contact her at [email protected]