Kent State Dining Service continues search for food vendor

Madeline Zupko

Chartwells, the second food vendor to present in the three day series put on by Dining Services, took the stage Jan. 18. The series was created to gather student opinions on which vendor should be the new business partner of Dining Services.

Jared Levin, regional marketing director of Chartwells, began the presentation with sharing what Chartwells envisions for the future of Kent State dining.

His pitch included adding name-brand restaurant chains such as Panda Express to the Hub and Panera into Kent Market 2.

With these additions and “better advertising” of Quaker Steak & Lube, Levin said Chartwells would remove the commuter only hours in the lower level of the Student Center because the “traffic” would be divided among the three floors.

Eastway Cafe would also be transformed into a teaching kitchen and kiosks featuring healthier food options would be placed throughout campus.

Allison Trinkle, Mid-Atlantic Regional Chef, also spoke during the presentation and continued to describe the many ways Chartwells hopes to aid Kent State in their goal to become “the healthiest campus in the world.”

Trinkle focused her attention to the conservation techniques Chartwells would enact, such as measuring the amount of waste produced and putting a dollar amount to it. The dollar amount would then be used to motivate research on how to conserve more food.

Chartwells would also promote a giving-back motion, which students would be given the opportunity to donate leftover non-perishable food items to local charities at the end of each semester.

As a way to conserve the students’ money, Levin offered the idea for a new meal plan to be introduced in year two of their contract with Kent State if hired. He said the new meal plan would focus on an “all you care to eat” dining plan with the addition of a decreasing balance plan similar the current meal plan set up.

Levin also talked about adding an option for commuter students to pay for a meal plan month-to-month, which he said could help any nonresident students be able to eat on campus without the “stress” of paying for one meal plan up front.

The final presentation, featuring the food vendor Sodexo, will take place in the KIVA Thursday night from 4-5 p.m. and is open to students.

Madeline Zupko is a general assignment reporter, contact her at [email protected]