Opinion: As liberalism subsides

Stephen D’Abreau

Stephen D'Abreau

By the time you are reading this, we are about to officially complete our first week living under the new presidential administration.

I have to admit, I am actually afraid. It isn’t because I’m black living in President Donald Trump’s America, it is because I am watching what I feel is the death of liberalism at the hands of identity politics.

Let me be perfectly clear: I wasn’t frightened by Trump’s victory — not in the slightest.

However, I have been disheartened by the response from the losing liberals and progressives in the past months. They lacked any sort of self-awareness to the causes of their defeat, and seemingly still don’t. The progressivist identity politics that I decried as dangerous, divisive and detrimental to American politics haven’t died down on the political left — they have gotten louder.

Many liberals have gotten this nasty idea that not only are their political positions morally superior, but that holding these positions makes the person morally superior — and those who oppose them morally inferior beings.

The proper understanding is thinking that your ideas are superior, and others are merely misguided. This fosters healthy debate, exchange of ideas and partnership with your fellow American.

When you believe you — not just your ideas — are superior and that your fellow American is evil, those activities are useless. Why debate with and listen to the arguments of a racist? Why exchange ideas with a sexist? Why partner with a xenophobe? This idea is truly nasty and is infesting liberalism like a cancer — a cancer that has grown since last November.

I wrote about these things before the election in this very column. Back then I was worried. Now I am truly afraid.

When I see liberals celebrate, condone or remain silent on violent riots across the nation, or the targeting of 10-year-old Barron Trump, I look on with horror. Protesting a democratic election was the doing of fascists and rightfully mocked right-wingers 4 years ago; now it is the modus operandi of a party I used to support.

Liberals seem to believe that the Women’s March with the strength over three million marks a “revolution” of some kind — it doesn’t.

The real revolution happened under your noses, some of which were pompously pointed up. The revolution wasn’t when three million women and allies gathered; it happened when countless women marched to the polls and voted down the first female president for a man widely accused of sexual assault, presumably because they were sick of the nonsense from the political left.

The revolution was losing control over all three branches of government at once. The revolution was when the guy the media gave less than a two percent chance of winning takes a narrow — yet historic — victory, flipping states that haven’t been flipped since Reagan’s presidency.

Liberals, take back the Democrat Party from the Washington elites, radical feminists, Wall Street mega-banks and corrupt liars. You are running out of time.

If you don’t wake up soon and abandon the sinking ship that is progressive identity politics, you will not only lose Obamacare, but the very soul of your party.

Stephen D’Abreau is a columnist, contact him at [email protected].