Campus Pointe guarantees rent money for residents through employment opportunities

Kennedy Caldwell

Affordable rent, a clean atmosphere and a good location are all factors that play into finding the perfect off-campus housing.

At Campus Pointe, Kent State student employees are given these accommodations and an opportunity to work for their rent money.

Student employees are given rent at a discounted cost and are then guaranteed the weekly hours to fully pay their rent for the month.

“Having the opportunity to work for my apartment complex is great. I am guaranteed the hours needed to pay for my rent, and they work around my busy student schedule,” said student employee Alexandra Mallory.

Students employed by Campus Pointe obtain a community assistant position working in the leasing office and take potential residents on tours, lease apartments, sort packages, plan events for residents and help improve the Campus Pointe community.

Leasing Manager Meredith Boylan said its main goal is customer service, and they also aim to provide a fun, enjoyable and diverse experience for all of its residents and employees.

“We all get along, and it’s a lot of fun. Despite the market being so competitive, we all work together and create a fun experience for everyone,” Boylan said.

With over 600 units available, Campus Pointe is one of the largest off-campus apartments in the Kent State area, and through off-campus apartment student employment, students are given an opportunity to make living off-campus even more affordable.

Kennedy Caldwell is the commuter and apartment life reporter, contact her at [email protected]