Perspectives: Into the wild

Kevin Brosien after hours of sitting in the cold from an unsuccessful hunt Sunday November 20, 2016.

Aaron Self

To Kevin Brosien, hunting isn’t about killing something; Instead, it’s about being in nature and enjoying all of its beauty in a way that most will never experience.

Brosien, a marketing manager at Kent State, has been primarily a waterfowl hunter for almost a decade. The hobby has garnered a deep respect for his quarry and the environment around him. Having always been drawn to the outdoors, hunting was just a natural extension of that love.

“Sitting in the marsh and watching the world come alive as the sun rises is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world,” Brosien said.

Brosien doesn’t limit himself to waterfowl — he also enjoys hunting grouse, pheasant and woodcock. Everything he has harvested he has cooked up and eaten, too.

“Duck is delicious. It’s surprising it’s not easier to get,” Brosien said.

Even geese and crow have been in his sights. Everything he shoots has been approved by the Ohio Department of Wildlife to be harvested in an attempt to maintain waterfowl populations at sustainable levels. Some prey — like crow — can be harvested all year since they are invasive, competing with native species for resources and putting a strain on the ecosystem.

Unlike most hunters, Brosien eats the crows he shoots, arguing that “they taste pretty good if you cook them right and have the right seasoning.”

Despite his years of experience, hunting is still a sport of patience and luck. Some days Brosien pulls in countless birds, while other expeditions leave him empty-handed.

Regardless of his success on a given day, the thrill of experiencing nature is what draws Brosien into the wild.

Aaron Self is a photographer, contact him at [email protected].