Safety Awareness Week is brought to KSU community

Olivia Perry Reporter

Safety Awareness Week is filled with presentations that will highlight the importance of safety measures and provide practical information that people can implement in their environment.

These presentations will include tips on fire safety, mental health awareness, campus safety, non-certified hands-only CPR, machine safety, the Public Employement Risk Reduction Program, water safety and research safety that will be open to students, faculty, staff and all other KSU community members.

“This is the first year that this event has ever been planned,” said LaKetta Wilson, an environmental health and safety specialist. “This idea was one that I had thought about for a while because there are so many departments on campus that work together to keep the KSU community safe and in compliance.”

Shandra DeVoe, an emergency management coordinator for KSU, will be presenting Kent State’s emergency management plan. This involves information such as how to utilize the plan and the benefits of using the planning in our daily life.

“I want to let Kent State know we are always planning for their safety by conducting security assessments of all buildings on all campuses, conducting building safety audits to identify safe spaces to include tornado shelters,” said DeVoe. “I want to make them aware there are plans and guides to assist them in making their own safety plan.”

Police Officer Tricia Knoles will be presenting on the general safety around campus and will include information about what officers do on campus.

“I think that it is important everyone is aware of their surroundings,” said Knoles. “Keeping safety in their lives and on campus is a priority and any time that I have an opportunity to educate others on this topic, I jump at it! It takes everyone working together to keep our community safe.”

John Hummell, an assistant director for safety and security in the Residence Services Security department, will be presenting information on the Security Aide program and other administrative issues the office does.

“My main goal is to let those who attend know about our new Safety Assistant program, which was created last fall and offers escorts to students beginning at 8 a.m. daily,” said Hummell. “I am hopeful that students will leave my presentation knowing that the professional and student staff members in our office are all available as resources.”

All events are open to everyone and registration is required to attend each event. For more information and registration, visit the Compliance and Risk Management website here.

Olivia Perry is an on-campus reporter. Contact her at [email protected].