What shaped the path to the White House?

1) April 12, 2015 – Democrat Hillary Clinton formally announces her candidacy in a two-minute long YouTube video.

2) April 30, 2015 – Democratic U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders formally announces his candidacy. His run at the presidency began a movement to “Feel the Bern,” which would outlive his candidacy.

3) June 16, 2015 – Republican Donald Trump formally announces his candidacy, simultaneously coining his campaign’s slogan: “Make America Great Again.”

4) August 6, 2015 – The first Republican presidential debate is hosted in Cleveland. Trump and moderator Megyn Kelly clash, launching an epic feud between the eventual presidential nominee and Kelly’s network, Fox News.

5) May 4, 2016 – Trump’s final adversary, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, officially suspends campaign, leaving Trump the lone Republican candidate.

6) July 7, 2016 – F.B.I. Director James Comey testifies before Congress, arguing that Clinton should not be charged for her role in the mishandling of classified emails.

7) July 12, 2016 – Sanders endorses Clinton, effectively ending his candidacy.

8) July 18-21, 2016 – The Republican National Convention takes place in Cleveland. Former Republican candidate Ted Cruz is booed on the final day after refusing to endorse Trump in his speech, telling constituents to “vote your conscience.”

9) July 25-28, 2016 – The Democratic National Convention takes place in Philadelphia. The event was marred by controversy due to WikiLeaks releasing emails that showed the DNC’s apparent bias toward Clinton.

10) Sept. 9, 2016 – Clinton suggests that Trump’s supporters belong in a “basket of deplorables” at the LGBT for Hillary Gala, drawing comparisons to Republican Mitt Romney’s infamous “47 percent” gaffe in 2012.

11) Sept. 11, 2016 – Clinton leaves 9/11 memorial event early, sparking concerns over the state of her health.

12) Oct. 8, 2016 – The Washington Post releases a video revealing Trump making lewd remarks concerning women. The video brought bipartisan criticism of Trump’s temperament.

13) Oct. 28, 2016 – The F.B.I. announces that it will reopen the investigation of Clinton’s email server, a decision met with considerable frustration from Democrats.

14) Nov. 6, 2016 – The F.B.I. officially closes the reopened investigation into Clinton’s email server, suggesting no further actions should be taken.