RAs make Kent State home for the holidays

Nathaniel Harvey

Thanksgiving break provides most Kent State students with the opportunity to head home for a few days to celebrate the American holiday.

Some students look forward to seeing their families for, perhaps, the first time since the beginning of the semester, and they get to enjoy that homemade food their family makes. However, residence assistants (RAs) sometimes stay on campus for the holiday.

“There are some RAs that have to stay because there are students who stay over break,” said Nick Peters, a junior communication studies major and former RA. “I believe it’s only one RA on duty a night.”

While RAs may not be able to leave if their buildings aren’t empty, this is not a mandatory requirement.

“The residence hall director asks for volunteers for duty during the four days we are on break,” said Dale Markowski, junior aeronautics major and RA for Beall, McDowell and Van Campen halls.

“Normally, there is an RA on duty Wednesday and Thursday that covers two sets of buildings with security,” said Corey Patterson, a senior communication studies major and RA of Centennial Court B. “Friday and Saturday, there is another RA from the the other staff that does both buildings with security.”

Markowski says that RAs are not required to stay throughout the break if they do not want to be on duty for those four days.

“We are allowed to leave that Wednesday of break, once our classes are over,” said Markowski. “If we coordinate with our hall directors, we can potentially leave Tuesday after classes if that is approved.”

According to the guidelines for being an RA, there are a limited number of nights an RA is allowed to stay out of their assigned dorm. Nights away outside of Kent State breaks must be approved.

“It depends who is on duty,” Peter said. “For my staff last year, we had people volunteer to be on duty those nights so there was no struggle to those who wanted to go home.”

Markowski said that even though there are not really any preparations for the Thanksgiving break, he tries to make sure his residents are doing okay in school and hang in there until winter break instead.

“This is one of the more stressful times of the year for students,” Markowski said. “The semester is winding down, the projects, papers and exams are picking up. We (RA’s) look for small changes in behavior and attitude … if we notice any, we take … action … so that our residents’ lives become easier.”

Nathaniel Harvey is the activities reporter, contact him at [email protected].