Limited-edition cups promote KSU pride, attract students to campus dining


Kent State has released a new limited-edition, reusable cup for the Fall Semester. These cups are available at all restaurants on the first floor of the Student Center in the Hub. Pictured on Tuesday Nov. 15, 2016

Rachel Stevenson

Dining Services promoted Kent State pride and showed student and faculty appreciation by distributing limited-edition Kent State cups with a drink purchase in the HUB.

“It really was a way to get across the point of pride and have a feel-good moment for students, faculty and staff across campus as they get these cups,” said Richard Roldan, director of Dining Services.

Roldan said promotional items like these help to attract students to dining locations across campus.

“I think it definitely draws people and it certainly draws attention to where they can go get one,” he said. “A lot of people have really commented on how much they like them.”

Reghan Hineline, a sophomore early childhood education major who eats weekly at the HUB, said she feels the cups can help attract students to dining locations.

“Everybody likes free stuff, so if you get a free cup a lot of people would probably show up,” she said.

However, Hineline said she wishes Dining Services promoted the item more since she had not heard about it prior to receiving the cup.

Dining Services Marketing Manager Rita Mugford said the department collaborated with the Division of Student Affairs and the Center for Student Involvement to create and order over 10,000 cups — 9,000 of which are being distributed in the HUB.

She said the HUB was selected as the sole location to distribute these cups due to the diverse group of diners it attracts including commuter students, students living on-campus and Kent State faculty and staff.

“This is the first run for us to produce a souvenir cup like this, and I think for sure it’s something we’ll look more into,” Roldan said. “I think there’s an opportunity as we move forward to do it across campus at all of our locations.”

Roldan said he also sees an opportunity for Dining Services to use more promotional items — like limited edition cups — in the future to promote events within the department. But for now, he said the main goal is to strengthen campus pride and morale.

“We need to embrace the fact that we are undeniably Kent State,” he said. “It’s important to validate that and show what we think is blue and gold pride.”

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