Newdle Bar closes for an hour due to heating and cooling system malfunction



Jarett Theberge

Kent’s Newdle Bar closed for an hour today to deal with a heating and cooling problem in the restaurant.

A manager at the restaurant, Jackie (who declined to give her last name), came in to open the restaurant this morning when she “noticed smoke and smell” coming from the back of the building. She then proceeded to call the Kent Fire Department.

She said the smell turned out to be a malfunction of the building’s heating and cooling systems. The complication delayed the restaurant’s opening to noon instead of 11 am.

Jackie said that a heating and cooling company have been in the restaurant since noon working maintenance.

She said the smoke may have been due to a shared heating system shared with Insomnia Cookies next door. The system was largely unused during the spring and summer months, causing the smoke to come from the exhaust.

Management is still unaware of the actual cause.

Despite these complications, Newdle Bar will be open for the rest of the week.